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Effective networking is all about building relationships. Successful businesspeople understand that networking and relationship marketing are more about "farming" than they are about "hunting." It's about building long-lasting connections with other professionals.


Relationship marketing involves building deep networks strongly rooted in a bond or connection that is developed over time with other people. Among the most important connections are those with your referral sources, with prospects these referral sources bring you and with customers you recruit from the prospects. These relationships don't just spring up full-grown; they must be nurtured. 


  • 2 scheduled 45-minute coaching call
  • Networking topics and tools strategies
  • A recap e-mail after the coaching call 
  • I will share all of the relevant resources from my toolbox (programs, assessments, articles, websites, & books) 
  • Specific action steps on follow up 
  • Access to my personal network

Strategic Business Networking

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